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Elevate Your Sustainability with
Advanced Traceability Solutions

At Interu, we believe in more than just efficiency—we believe in responsibility. As pioneers in the field, we empower your business to make a positive impact, ensuring your supply chain aligns with the highest environmental and legal standards.

Seamless Tracking:
From Final Product back to Source

Our advanced system takes you on a seamless journey, tracking your product back to source.

Introduce Tracking Across Timber, Coffee, Rubber, and more

We revolutionise the art of tracking, offering unwavering assurance across a diverse range of materials: timber, coffee, rubber, palm oil, and beyond. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that every step in your supply chain is meticulously accounted for.

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Unmatched Transparency and Accountability

Our commitment to providing a clear and proven supply chain journey isn't just a promise; it's a fundamental principle of our service. Experience a level of transparency that goes beyond the ordinary in every stage of your supply chain.

Elevating Your Business
with Distributed Ledger Technology

Immutable Record Keeping

Our technology ensures that every entry and step in your supply chain is recorded in real time, providing a secure and unalterable record-keeping system that stands the test of time.

Supply Chain Integrity

We safeguard the foundation of your supply chain, ensuring that each link is fortified with trust and reliability. Elevate your operations with an integrity-focused approach that sets you apart in the market.
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Beyond Compliance:
Creating Value with Traceability

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Boost Brand Reputation and Customer Trust

Our commitment to traceability isn't just compliance—it's a strategic move to enhance brand reputation and business efficiencies. By showcasing a transparent supply chain, you assure customers and investors that your products are backed by proof points, fostering loyalty.

Streamline Operations

Our traceability solutions redefine efficiency, eliminating inefficiencies and optimising your supply chain. Adopting Interu is a transformative step towards sustained growth and operational excellence.

A focus on Forest Risk Commodities

Commitment to Sustainability and Ethical Practices

With our traceability solution, you can create a clear and transparent view of your supply chain, proving that each stage is conducted responsibly and with respect for the environment and local communities.

Real Data on Value Chain Impact

Get accurate and detailed insights using our traceability solution to positively impact your value chain. From risks and vulnerabilities, to efficiency improvement, we provide tangible data that supports strategic decision-making for your business.

Achieve Multi-Tier Supply chain Visibility

Deep Dive into Supplier Networks
Gain necessary insights into your supplier networks with our advanced traceability solution. Explore every tier of your supply chain with precision, uncovering potential risks and opportunities for improvement.
Easy Integration with Existing Systems
Seamlessly integrate our traceability solution with your current systems and processes. Our user-friendly interface and flexible integration options ensure a smooth transition without disruption to your operations.
Effective Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies
Manage supply chain risk effectively by identifying issues and gaps in traceability data, and capture supporting evidence for your mitigation strategies.
Dedicated Customer Support and Comprehensive Training
Receive dedicated support from our expert team throughout your journey with us. From initial setup to ongoing training, we're here to ensure you get the most out of our traceability solution and achieve your supply chain goals.

Customisable Solutions for Diverse Supply Chain Transparency Needs

Tailored Features for Different Commodities
Whether you're dealing with perishable goods, electronics, or textiles, our platform adapts to your specific needs, providing the insights necessary to ensure accountability and build trust throughout your supply chain.
Scalable Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes
Whether you're a small-scale operation or a global enterprise, our platform accommodates your needs, ensuring that transparency and traceability remain at the core of your supply chain strategy.

Engage Stakeholders in their Traceability Journey

Collaborative Tools for Partners and Suppliers
Enable seamless communication and information sharing among partners and suppliers, facilitating a unified approach to traceability and sustainability initiatives.
Transparent Communication with Customers and Regulators
Our platform facilitates open dialogue, providing stakeholders with access to real-time information about your supply chain practices and demonstrating your commitment to accountability and ethical business conduct.

Demonstrate Impact with Data-Driven Insights

Advanced Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making
Our data-driven insights provide a deep understanding of your operations, empowering you to identify opportunities for improvement, optimise processes, and enhance overall efficiency.


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Does Interu help me assess risk at a country level, species level, product level, etc?
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If data is recorded on a “distributed ledger technology”, does this mean that everyone can see it?
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Which certification standards does Interu support?
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I am already certified. What is the extra value Interu brings that certification stands (such as FSC, PEFC, RSPO) don't have?
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Do all my suppliers and customers have to be on Interu for me to use it?
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Does Interu conduct traceability remotely or does it also cover field verification?
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How does Interu utilise Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)?
Do you have an API?
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