New: 2024 Deforestation Regulation Readiness report

About Interu

In a world where transparency, authenticity and accountability are increasingly required to help solve global challenges, like the EU Deforestation Regulation, Interu provides clarity to supply chain complexity.

A solution built by iov42, Interu enhances traceability by allowing users to securely collect, prove and share information across complex supply chains, without compromising privacy. Whether that is for compliance reasons, consumer demand, better market access or to save time and money.

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The Story of Interu

We believe it is important to understand the challenges and aspirations of our users. We don’t just provide solutions, but unify stakeholders, governments and entire industries who understand the importance of working in collaboration.

A progression of Timber Chain, Interu is the result of several years of participation from a range of industries but with a focus on high risk commodities. By introducing decentralisation to traditionally siloed industries, accountability, authenticity and integrity can thrive. A powerful combination that puts trust back into your supply chain. And what sets us apart from other traceability solutions, is that Interu leverages iov42’s purpose built Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). This means stakeholders across complex supply chains are in a prime position to accurately and securely share data with the peace of mind it hasn’t been tampered with. This not only enhances efficiency, but allows users to gain clarity through proven and trusted data sets.

About iov42

Our flexible, purpose-built Distributed Ledger Technology, an evolution of blockchain, creates scalable solutions for a wide array of use cases, facilitating and verifying transactions to strengthen the bonds of trust between participants.

To achieve this, we have built a model which directly allows organisations to digitally build trust by capturing the role of strong digital identities, representing assets, securing data associated with both and then build strong links between these three things. This trust model can be leveraged to introduce trust into both digital and physical interactions between organisations.

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