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Built on iov42's groundbreaking technology, Interu is a traceability solution that puts integrity, accountability and authenticity at your company’s core. 

With global challenges like climate change, geopolitical disruption and human rights abuses, traceability is no longer optional. Interu can help aid organisations in reaching compliance, like with the EU Deforestation Regulation, as well as improve operational efficiencies, cut costs and gain better market access.

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Benefits of using Interu

Enhanced Efficiency
Regulatory and ESG Reporting
Better Market Access
Meet Customer Demand
Risk Management 
Time and cost saving

Why traceability matters

From supply chain transparency to regulatory compliance, like the EUDR and UK Environment Act, the ability to meticulously trace and track every facet of your (and your suppliers’) processes is paramount. It not only enhances operational efficiency but builds a foundation of trust with stakeholders.

In a world driven by data, traceability becomes your superpower. It can be your tool against deforestation by ensuring products can be traced back to their source, and it can be used to foster accountability and authenticity to put an end to challenges like the exploitation of human rights, or the rise in counterfeit goods. This isn't just a vision; it's a tangible way to make a positive impact on the world and build trust with your stakeholders, businesses, governments and society.

As organisations worldwide increasingly demand traceability for seamless exchanges and collaborations, embracing the precision and transparency that traceability brings isn't just a strategic move; it's becoming an industry standard. By doing so, you're not just elevating your business; you're becoming a driving force for positive change.

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Introduce traceability in 3 simple steps

Data Collection

Interu allows you to seamlessly specify and collect information from numerous sources in an easy to use web app, where information is organised, verified, stored and securely shared.  

Organising Information

Leveraging Interu’s powerful platform, you can organise your information into helpful formats to support your customers in meeting due diligence requirements.

This saves you, and your customers, time, helps you with market access and gives you a competitive edge.

Securely Sharing

You can securely share information with interested parties without compromising privacy.

iov42’s unique technology means only the people who have permission can gain access to the data stored on Interu, and only the information that is required is visible.

Data Gathering 

Complex supply chains have large data sets from numerous sources that users need to be able to pull together and make sense of.

Interu helps you to gather, organise and display critical due diligence information, and supports you with analysis in order to make data driven decisions.

Validating Your Data

Built on iov42’s core technology, Interu users can validate and prove the authenticity of data as well as verifying it with third parties.

This helps you build stronger bonds of trust across supply networks and enhances confidence in your due diligence.

Actionable Insights 

With a clear view of supply networks and associated data, you can now identify the steps needed for compliance, such as tracking down missing data, completing risk assessments and mitigating risks. 

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We’ve heard a lot from our clients about their traceability challenges, for example those wanting to map their supply chains at a product or commodity level. They want to ensure their products are sourced sustainably, and to understand the impacts they have. Sustainability-related regulations increasingly require visibility of value chains as well, for example the EU’s Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation and Deforestation Regulation.

It’s been great working with the iov42 team. Your trust framework and platform have helped to structure our thinking on how we can build a solution together that delivers trusted information for clients.


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Which certification standards does Interu support?
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I am already certified. What is the extra value Interu brings that certification stands (such as FSC, PEFC, RSPO) don't have?
Legal and Financial Implications
If data is recorded on a “distributed ledger technology”, does this mean that everyone can see it?
Does Interu help me to determine risk mitigation measures?
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Does Interu conduct traceability remotely or does it also cover field verification?
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If Interu is recording data on an immutable ledger, does this mean that data cannot be edited once it is recorded?
How is Interu different to other traceability systems?
Does Interu help me assess risk at a country level, species level, product level, etc?
Has Timberchain transitioned into Interu?
How is data entered into Interu?
Do all my suppliers and customers have to be on Interu for me to use it?
Is Interu available on mobile devices?
Is it secure?
How does Interu help me to be compliant with regulation?
What key information can Interu store and use to build trust across a supply chain and aid due diligence?
 Which industries can Interu be applied to in order to capture supply chain traceability?  
Which geographical mapping analysis providers does interu work with to prove no deforestation activities at source?
Can I create supply chains for different buyers or per shipment?
Can we use Interu without disclosing information about our suppliers (e.g., name, address, geolocation)?