New: 2024 Deforestation Regulation Readiness report
April 2022

Supply Chain Traceability:
A Spotlight on Timber

In this report, you’ll gain industry insights to help navigate the evolving timber landscape and prepare for incoming regulations through the application of traceability solutions. 

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With the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) soon to be replacing the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR),iov42 spoke to timber importers across the UK, Belgium, Austria, France and Italy to understand their awareness and preparedness for incoming regulation, as well as their attitude towards traceability solutions to help meet these new requirements. 

Whilst 74% of those surveyed shared they are not yet prepared for EUDR, 72% revealed they were in fact keen to get ahead of it, with43% claiming they felt positive about full traceability solutions. What’s holding them back is their misplaced fears and lack ofunderstanding of how traceability solutions, such as Distributed Ledger Technology, can provide due diligence, whilst ensuringbusinesses remain competitive.

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Supply Chain Traceability
A Spotlight on Timber

What to expect

Gain insights from 250 importers across the UK, Austria, Belgium, Italy & France.

Understand the current timber landscape and what to expect from incoming regulations.

Learn how traceability solutions, like DLT, can help meet new requirements.

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“Better understanding global timber supply chains should be a motor for positive change, not a sterile and overwhelming task. If we do trade complex consumer goods through complex supply chains, it is our responsibility to ensure that the systems we use match this level of complexity. Regulatory compliance as well as meaningful sustainability commitments can only be achieved with greater clarity and transparency on the conditions of production and the routes of timber products. Digital technology is available: let’s make the most of it where it is useful.”

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Deforestation Regulation Readiness Report
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